Book Report
Title : The Absent Author
Author : Ron Roy

Sahil Nilkanthache | 4th Grade | 28 Feb 2014

Title : The Absent Author
Author : Ron Roy


This book is a fiction (mystery). Kids are finding out the kidnapping crime.

About the book:

The setting of the story takes place in Green Lawn. There are a couple of places within Green Lawn that the kids visit.

The main characters are Josh Pinto, Dink Duncan, Ruth Rose, and Wallis Wallace. Wallis Wallace also plays an important role as the kids are trying to save him.

One day Dink decides to write to his favorite author, Wallis Wallace, and invites him to come to the local library (Nook Book) to visit with him. Surprisingly, Wallace accepts the invitation. Wallace Willis never shows up on the day he says he will come. The kids thought he was kidnapped and Dink and his friends decide to go out and find him. They must use the clues left behind to try to save Wallace before it is too late.

The next morning the kids went to the airport to find the taxi driver that dropped Willas Wallace to hotel. They asked hotel owner if there was anything going on strange lately. The owner said, yes, there was a room that always had the sign “Do Not Disturb”. They opened the door and there was Willas Wallace in a chair ropes tied up legs and hands with a cloth around his mouth. They thought he was a man but, she was a woman. She had tricked them for fun because she wanted to them to feel how it would feel to be in her book.

I think hard work and friendship are the two most important themes from this story. Dink and his friends never give up and try their hardest to find Wallace. They must also stick together as a team and use their knowledge to find the missing author.

My Opinion:

I would recommend this book to boys and girls of any ages who like mystery and kids solving crime leaning more towards kids then adult would read this book.

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It is a very good book 💯