Canadian Shield

The Canadian Shield is the largest region in Canada. It is 8,000,000 square kilometres and it runs from the central Ontario north to the Arctic archipelago, and from Labrador west to the Northwest territories it has lots of countries in it.Quebec is one of the largest tourist attraction in Canada. Quebec is 1,542,056 square kilometres making lots of rooms for hotels. It has places that people go to when they see the country. Some of these things are Snowboarding, Skating,Skiing, Snow shoeing and that is only in the winter. In the summer there are places like, camping, sailing, canoeing, swimming and having bonfires.

The climate in the Canadian shield has short cold winters and long hot summers . In the southern part, there are very cold snowy winters, while the summers are warm and long. The southern part of the Canadian Shield gets lots of rain and snow each year. The Northern part gets very little rain and snow each year. Since the Canadian Shield is so large the temperature changes a lot. In the southern parts of the Canadian Shield such as Ontario the climate stays about the same all year long. The average temperature in the winter is -18*C. In the summer the temperature is 25*C degrees.

The landscape in the eastern part of the region is rugged and hilly, with many lakes, large and small. The ice sheets have made the landscape - eskers, drumlins, deposits of glacial till and other things the glacial did. The land is good for things like skiing down hill. The western part of this region is underlain by sedimentary bedrock in undisturbed horizontal layers creating a landscape of plains, patterned ground.

Sulphur fumes have killed off the vegetation, and smoke billows from the cracks in the ash-covered ground. Making it hard for growing crops and the food supply is not so good because of this.

The region is covered by sedimentary rocks that were formed by igneous rocks that were compress over thousands of years ago. The region is mostly cold making it easier to compress the rocks together.

The climate is changing and that is causing different weather making it cold some times and very hot the other. The climate change affects the tourist attraction because if the weather is cold they will visit for winter sports and if it gets hot the tourist will to things like swimming and camping. The change in the climate will increase the amount of people visiting the country.

The weather in the Canadian shield has a air mass and it increase the chance of tornado's. Other then that the Canadian shield is a safe region to live in.

         This is the map of Canada the green is all of Canadian shield it runs from the central Ontario north to the Arctic archipelago, and from Labrador west to the Northwest territories.

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