Welcome to Ancient Egypt

Welcome! My name is Olivia Stefano. I have made the discovery of the lifetime! Could you imagine going back in time? I have created a time machine that will take you back to Ancient Egypt. We call it the Ancient Egyptian Machine or the AEM for short. Now would like to take this exciting journey with us on the AEM?

If you would like to visit, call 1-800-aemegypt!

Ancient Egypt is a great place to visit!

The Nile River is the longest river in the entire world so you can take a long swim. Maybe you can take the time to visit the swampy Nile Delta. Egypt is quite a hot, windy, and dry place so be prepared for the worst. If it gets to much for you, you can go take a swim in the Red or Mediterranean seas.

Where you can stay

Come stay at Horus's Hotel! The hotel of the Gods! For the great deal of $19.99! The sheets on your beds are neatly woven by the Ancient Egyptian women. Try and get a good room, it depends on your social class. You will have to watch your own children, unless your wealthy. You can pay a nurse to take care of them for the day for a small price of $5!

what to eat

The food in Ancient Egypt is delightful! You can eat at the 5 star rated: Nile Delta Diner!

Nile delta diner menu

Drinks: Beer, Water, Milk

Appetizers: bread, garlic bread, more bread

Meals: Beef, Goat, Veggies, Fish, Beans

Sounds delicious to me!!

Tuts Transportation

Rent a camel!!! This is the only form of transportation that they have in Egypt. Good luck finding a car! Camels are the best of the best for traveling in the desert.

One day: $5.99

For three days: $15.99

For the whole week: $30.99

Also you can rent a leather saddle to make your travel just that bit more comfortable! :)

Cleopatra's Cataracts

Maybe you will want a little adventure in your travels! So why not travel down the Nile River on the cataracts! In nothing but a wooden boat! :) BE SAFE!!! Average price: 25$ (Prices may vary depending on  number of people riding)


Make sure you dress for comfort in the hot dry desert. Woman should wear a straight fitting dress. Men should wear the traditional kilt. Rings and amulets are used to ward off evil spirits so if you want a safe trip, I suggest these. Wigs were also worn at parties and official events so maybe stop by the wig shop before you take your journey. If you prefer not to wear a wig, most people wear there hair short so make sure you get a haircut! Make sure you load up on makeup (men too!) on your lips, cheeks, and nails. There is a special eye paint called Kohl that you might want to use. It will keep the sun out of your face while you travel the deserts. Also leave your glasses at home! Kohl is believed to restore poor eyesight!!


Your all ready for ancient Egypt but what are you gonna do there? First of all, you need to learn about the religions! You can go and visit the Gods in the ancient temples! Your wish is their command. If the Gods don't answer your wish, you can do what the townsfolk do. Beat their statues with a stick!!

If your going to Egypt, you absolutely need to visit the Pyramids!! These ancient tombs have been robbed many times over the years, but the overall architecture is beautiful! These pyramids are all together in the wonderful city of Giza! They have been proven as the most magnificent man-made structures in the entire world! They were ancient burials for the pharaohs. There are exactly 138 pyramids so if you want to visit all of them, you might want to extend your stay!

You will probably want to witness a mummification! It will take 70 full days so make sure you have the time! But wait! Do you really want to just sit by and watch? Well, its your lucky day because for the small price of $20.99, you can make your own mummy! Make sure you know how the correct rituals and prayers or you mummy might not be granted his proper afterlife. Or maybe you can just start off by mummifying a cat! They believed that cats were the most sacred animals of all the world!! Not good enough for you? Ok, so mummify an Egyptian! They wanted to preserve the body forever and give the person the proper afterlife. Don't get spooked! MUMMIES ARE JUST LIKE YOU!! Only dead...

Last but not least, we have the mighty Pharaohs!! You can visit the rulers of all Egypt for the price of $100. You are about to meet some of the greatest people of all time. You need to be ready. Make sure to dress appropriately because the pharaohs are known to have special powers with the Gods. Maybe they can grant your wish! You can explore the palaces, tombs, and off limits features for an additional price of $50!

hope you join us on the aem

We hope you join us for this exciting journey. The AEM is just the right thing for you! If you take these tips and tricks, you'll probably make it out alive. :) This is a one in a lifetime opportunity so take it while you can! Ancient Egypt is a wonderful place and now after you take a visit, you can share this amazing experience with friends and family!

Contact me at 1-800-aemegypt or email me at oliviastefano@aem.com

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