Contemporary Relevance & Beauty     

Beauty, all transcedelist have one thing in common and its how they view thing as good and sweet and full of beauty. I believe in beauty because it is how i like to look at things, like everything has meaning and purpose and is good. Beauty makes you a better person because it makes you look ant the nice and positive things about life and what it has to offer. I also believe in beauty because if you view life like this than you will be more happy about the outlook of life. These are the reasons why i believe in beauty and Transcendentalism.

Contemporary Relevance is where Transcendetalist establish the inner nature of the world. I believe in Contemporary Relevance because it gives you a good outlook on nature and the world. Contemporary Relevance makes you a better person because it makes you have a very deep and inner view on nature and the world and what it has to offer on personal level.   



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