Email Etiquette

Jada Jensen Period 8

When Writing an email you should have the proper etiquette. Here are some examples.

1. When writing an email it is important to not use all caps when your writing an email, otherwise the other person may think that you are yelling at them which can be rude. 2.In an email use proper spelling an grammar when writing an email, because it won't sound or look professional. 3. When you write an email it is also important try to make your email brief and avoid long sentences, because the person may not want to read a long email and may get confused when reading such a long sentence. 4. Also, when you write an email use a professional font not decorative, because your email won't look very professional. 5.Reread over your email to make sure it makes sense before you send it, then if it doesn't fix it otherwise it won't look or sound very professional.

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