The capital of Egypt is Cairo. The president serves a four year limit, just like in America. Many Egyptians participate in large protests or demonstrations in the streets. There are many protest going on about democratic and economic. People get to vote when they turn eighteen. Just like in America. In 2012 Egypt held its first free election.

Most Egyptians eat rice, bread, lamb, fish, chicken, turkey, and stuffed vegetables. Bread is inexpensive so they have it in every meal. There are many foods here. You might not wanna be a picky eater through.

In the capitol there are roads and cars. Most people near their use cars, well if they have enough money. Theres cars, buses, bikes, taxis. You may be surprised how much we have in Egypt. Egypt is a very popular country in Africa surprisingly because people don’t think of traveling to Africa.

The women have a dress code, they have to wear Islamic dresses. Most women cover the hair and body, except the hands and faces. Rural men often wear the galabeya (a long, dress like-robe). Most men have a beard for most of their religion. Most other men often cover their head too. Whenever you enter anybody's home you should take your shoes off.

Kids are required to go to school starting when their six to fifteen. Most people pass primary school. Many people go to public school, but it is often very crowded. There are more boys who go to school than girls. There is a primary school and a secondary school. Most people who finish primary school go to secondary school. A lot more men know how to read more than women. Rather than going to school kids can go to work. Arabic is mostly used in school, but people learn english too.

The official language is Arabic. Some people speak English. Before you would come to Egypt you might wanna learn how to speak Arabic. If you don’t then you might have a hard time living here. Businesses speak Arabic, so if you don’t know the language then you might have a hard time getting food.

Lunar New Year, Labor Day, Anniversary of the Revolution, and Armed Forces. Some of them are where you are too. We don’t have many holidays but we don’t need many.

Africa has a lot of history. Many people came to Africa for the riches. In 525 BC, Egypt came under Persian control. Alexander the Greatest brought Greek rule and culture to Egypt. People a long time ago were all kind of colors. White people in Africa took the blacks for slaves. Then many whites road boats over to Africa and took them and sold them to people in America.

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