Medieval Knights

By: Rosa Prestigiacomo

Medieval Knights were best known for fighting and protecting the Lord as well as the people in the land. Some of their weapons that they have used are  a sword, a shield, a two handed sword, mace, and even an  axe. Not all Medieval Knights were able to ride on horseback. Most Knights got places by foot. It depended on how high up you were as a knight. If you were a Noble, you were very powerful and had many weapons, got well respected as well as a horse to ride on during battle. Medieval Knights were known to be very respectful, kind, smart, and brave. Medieval Knights would also imprison the people that have done wrong and would make sure they wouldn't leave their prison cell. They also have guarded the Lord every time he would to leave the manor to be sure that he is safe. They would also fight in battle to protect the land and the Lord.

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