layer of the earth atmosphere

by tabreya jones

These are are the earth temperature around and on our earth in space.

The stratosphere is a layer of Earth's atmosphere The stratosphere is the second layer, as one moves upward from Earth's surface, of the atmosphere .The stratosphere is above the troposphere and below the mesosphereThe ozone layer is a range of altitudes in Earth's stratosphere which has a higher concentration of ozone molecules...About 90% of the ozone in our atmosphere is contained in the stratosphere...The ozone layer isn't actually a separate layer of Earth's atmosphere ; it is a region within the stratosphereThe top of the stratosphere occurs at 50 km (31 miles) altitude. The boundary between the stratosphere and the mesosphere above is called the stratopause. The altitude of the bottom of the stratosphere varies with latitude and with the seasons occurring between about 8 and 16 km (5 and 10 miles, or 26,000 to 53,000 feet). The bottom of the stratosphere is around 16 km (10 miles or 53,000 feet) above Earth's surface near the equator, around 10 km (6 miles) at mid-latitudes, and around 8 km (5 miles) near the poles.

The troposphere is the lowest layer of Earth's atmosphere. We live in the troposphere. Weather happens in this layer. Most clouds are found in the troposphere. The next layer up is the stratosphere.The troposphere is heated from below. Sunlight warms the ground or ocean, which in turn radiates the heat into the air right above it. This warm air tends to rise. That keeps the air in the troposphere "stirred up". The top of the troposphere is quite cold. The temperature there is around -55° C (-64° F)! Air also gets thinner as you go higher up. That's why mountain climbers sometimes need bottled oxygen to breathe.

The troposphere is the lowest layer of Earth's atmosphere ...The troposphere starts at Earth's surface and goes up to a height of 7 to 20 km (4 to 12 miles, or 23,000 to 65,000 feet) above sea level...Most of the mass (about 75-80%) of the atmosphere is in the troposphere

this picture up top shows the mass of the layers, the crust is located on the outside of earth atmosphere the mantle is located right as you enter the inside of the sphere shape and the core is the far inside.

this activity up top is showing the temperature of the layers that are located on our earth.

The main gases within the Earth's are the lightest atmospheric gases, mainly hydrogen  with some helium, carbon dioxide, and atomic oxygen near the base of the exosphere. Since there is no clear boundary between outer space and the exosphere, the exosphere is sometimes considered a part of outer space.this is the area where many satellites orbit the earth.The exosphere is the outermost layer of the Earth’s atmosphere. It starts at an altitude of about 500 km and goes out to about 10,000 km. Within this region particles of atmosphere can travel for hundreds of kilometers in a ballistic trajectory before bumping into any other particles of the atmosphere. Particles escape out of the exosphere into deep space.

The mesosphere is the third layer in the atmosphere. The temperature drops when you go higher, like it does in the troposphere. It can get down to -90°C in the mesosphere. That's the coldest part of the atmosphere! its located around the earth on the outside.

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