By Brayden P.

What are phobias?

   A phobia is a fear of something. There are two types of phobias social and specific. A specific phobia is a fear that is little or no threat at all like escalators. People who suffer from social phobia believe they are always being watched and judged by other people.

What causes phobias?

  Most phobias are caused by bad experiences. The cause of social phobia is usually getting embarrassed at a public place in front of a lot of people. The cause of specific phobias are usually a bad experienced including what you are afraid of.  

Types of phobias

  Some types of phobia are really common like arachnophobia a fear of spiders and some phobias are not so common like paraskevidekatriaphobia a fear of Friday the thirteenth. Some other phobias are clouraphobia fear of clowns, claustrophobia fear of confined spaces, ichthyophobia fear of fish, ornithophobia fear of birds, and chrometophobia fear of money. Do you have phobia?

Overcoming phobias

  Some good ways of overcoming phobias is to confront it. Another good of way overcoming phobias is to relax. Therapists now can use computers to simulate a virtual reality to give their patient a taste of your fear without leaving their office.   

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