Please Help Polo

l live by owners are in transition to a new home. However, my owner does come by everyday to make sure I have water and food. My owner works so much to provide for his family that I am given just the basics to live. Its not his fault...hes doing the best he can...

I live outside 24/7 and have never felt the comfort of an air conditioned home, nor very seldom feel the touch and affection from a human.

I have found new friends from Habitat for Paws and they visit me several times/week and bring me treats and canned food and spray me with fly spray. I really love to see my friends because they also give me belly rubs and hugs and kisses. I also love to give them hugs and kisses in return!

Contact Me About Polo

If you would like to help, please contact me. You can foster Polo for a short time or even become his forever home! He would sure love to live inside with someone who loves to give belly rubs as he loves those so much :)

Thank you so much!

- Denise

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