Monday Message
Week of January 19th

Here is a look at the week ahead:

Monday, Jan. 19 - Happy MLK Day!

Tuesday, Jan. 20 - 5th Grade will be at Outdoor School; 4th grade will be visiting with author HJ Ralles - please see the schedule Whitney sent out to everyone. Traci will be off campus in the morning at STAAR Security Training - fun times! :)

Wednesday, Jan. 21 - I will be off campus all day at the monthly Principal's meeting. 5th Grade will be at Outdoor School for Day 2 and 4th grade will have Day 2 of their author visit from HJ Ralles. Traci is available all day and will be conducting the Crazy Train should you need assistance. :)

Thursday, Jan. 22 - I will have a campus coaching visit from Cheryl Close today so you may see us walking classrooms. No worries - Just carry on! We will also have some teachers from Bluebonnet visiting 4th and 5th grade classes from 9:45 - 11:00. If you encounter them in the hall, please make them feel welcome. This is our PLC meeting day; however, I need everyone to meet in the library at 3:15 for a brief SKYPE with the LISD United Way representative who will kick off the district's United Way Campaign. You will dismiss to PLC's as soon as it ends.

Friday, Jan. 23 - I will be at STAAR Security Training in the morning. Traci will be on campus for anything you may need. There are a few ARD's throughout the day as well, but besides that.........TGIF!

Jackie Davis - January 24th

I think that's all I have for now - If I have forgotten something, PLEASE let me know. Have a fabulous and short week!