Ohio Men Wrongly Convicted of Murder

On the left Wiley Bridgeman, and on the right Ricky Jackson.

These two men were wrongfully convicted of murder when they were 19 years old. They were incarcerated for 39 years for a murder they did not commit. The two men do not feel any resentment towards the United States prison system, they are just happy to be free from jail.

Ryan was wrongfully convicted of murder in 2003, while Ryan was in jail, he and his dad worked together to solve who had committed the actually crime. Ryan was just 19 when he went to jail, and when he was released he was 29. He served 10 of his 25 years in jail before his friend admitted to the crime.


On the right, Ryan Ferguson, and on the left his dad Bill Ferguson.

This program tracks your eye movement as you watch a video, film, or advertisement. Skoda uses your web-camera on your computer to track your eye movement to see where and how often you look at something on your computer screen. Skoda is a browser based program that calibrates with your webcam. This program can be used to track what interests you, and also can help companies see what their consumers want.


Thync, a new app recently shown at CES 2015 in Las Vegas. This app uses ultrasonic wave-forms to calm or energize users. It is simple to uses, you just plug in the custom Thync head-wear into your phone and select a mode. The app runs for 15 minutes and it will leave you either calm or energized, depending on your choice.


Thync head-wear

Another innovate invention seen at CES 2015 is the Cooki. It is a robot that is programmed to make meals chosen by you. The Cooki uses an app which allows you to select a meal, and the robot will cook it up for you. All you have to do is put in trays of food on the side of the robot and it knows when to add, stir, and cook up the ingredients for a healthy meal.


The inside of the Cooki

My favorite person in history is Alexander Hamilton. He was born in 1757, and  he helped establish the first National bank in America. Alexander Hamilton was also the first United States Secretary of the Treasury under president George Washington.

Alexander Hamilton died at the age of  47 when he was challenged to a duel by Vice President Aaron Burr. Hamilton was said to have shot away from Burr and miss on purpose while Burr shot and killed Hamilton in the duel. Burr was charged with murder and was forced to flee from New York as a murder.

Alexander Hamilton on the $10 bill

My favorite cartoon character is Shaggy Rogers because he always inadvertently solves crimes with Scooby-Doo. Shaggy always gets scared when he sees a monster, but he always finds a way to reveal who they truly are in the end.

Mayan ruins in Belize

I visited Belize last summer and got to climb on to some Mayan ruins in Belize. These are some of the many Mayan ruins found in Belize. These ruins are over 2000 years old and were used as temples and burial grounds.

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