Rube Goldberg Machine
Choosing My Project (Entry #1)

I chose the Rube Goldberg Machine because I thought it was really cool. I want to learn how to make complicated things because like can be complicated if you don't know how. No I could not make a career out of this because I want to do other things in my life.

Listen to paragraph Into research (entry #2) I began to watch youtube videos on Rube Goldberg videos to get some ideas for a good project. Then my group and I began to sketch out ideas.

Intro research part 2 (entry #3)

The information that I learned to complete my project was research on you tube to find te final pieces to my project.

Research #2 (entry #4)

My group and i have found some ideas to make a good project.

What are you finding out while doing your project? (entry #5-#6)

My group and i have found out that this will be kind of difficult. But we can handle it!

What SPECIAL terms (technical) do you need to know? (entry #6 & 7)

We need to know if it works. This is because we're using a zip line a car and  track,a bowling ball and a teeter totter.

NEW Questions and information! (Entry #8)

Listen to paragraph We came up with a really good rube goldberg machine and we all think it's going to work.

Technical Parts of Your Project

Listen to paragraphListen to paragraphThe technical parts of our project is that we need to make a cabinet door open. So we need a lot of materials to do this because this will be kind of difficult if we don't ave the stages that we need to do it.

(entry #10)

My group is off to a good start and we will try to do a good job with it.

(entry #10)

My group will try to bring our grade up and have a good time.

(entry #11)

Anthony is finally here and we need to get to work. We are low on supplies and have a few complications with our progress.

Reflections (Entry #18)

My new project Scratch has turned out excellent because my game is fun and actually quite complicated. But this would not be my job because programming is difficult and i wish that i have picked a different project because this was hard and it took a lot of hard work and effort. This would not be my hobby because my hobby is basketball and i like basketball a lot  ore than programming.

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2 years ago

You're right this will be difficult but you can handle it! Great job and good luck!

2 years ago

Great thoughts and reflections!