by: Meredith and Dennis

Cultural Etiquette:

When meeting and greeting people friends may greet each other with a kiss on each cheek. They shake hands with everyone including children. Also ladies should extend their hand first to men. When out with a date or with family you always maintain eye contact otherwise they might think you are hiding something. If you invite people then you pay for the whole meal. In Sicily you do not leave the table until everyone is finished eating. When you eat fruit with a fork and you use your knife to pick up pieces of cheese and put them on bread or a cracker.

Weddings and funerals:

Funerals- For funerals it is a tradition to have the body brought back to their house where friends and family pay their respects. They usually do an open casket if the conditions aren’t bad. Then after everyone pays their respects then they will have a traditional funeral with a burial site. The family holds a vigil before the funeral.

Weddings- some old customs that they have that no longer are a thing are the bride wore a black wedding dress and a white hat, and carried a fan, even in the winter months. Now the groom would not consider himself to be married until after the religious ceremony and the date of that ceremony was considered to be the wedding date. Many times the bride would arrive at the church on horseback, with the ceremony frequently occurring at night, and the way being lit with torches. A custom that they do is for the bride to walk to Church in her second-best wedding dress, saving her finest gown for the wedding dance at the reception, which was held later in the day or evening.

Historical Event: The first of May is to celebrate Portella della Ginestra massacre which was a tragic event where 11 people were killed and 27 wounded. this all started because the some towns in sicily were mad about the elections for the Constituent Assembly. this cause some people to out rage and kill everyone in there way.

Americans' idea of Italian food in the United States is not what Italians eat. In Sicily their diets consist of Fruits, vegetables, bread, Nuts and seeds, and fish. The reason why they eat so much fish is because they are surrounded by all water. so they are using their natural resources.

A sicilian diet includes:

breakfast- A brioche or croissant or 1 slice of bread, toast, or cereals for breakfast with honey or jam

snack-A portion of fruit 2 times per day

A portion of vegetables 2 times per day

A portion of fish 3 times a week

No more than 2 eggs per week

No Fast food

Eat legumes more than once a week

Eat pasta or rice at least 5 times a week - only for lunch (not allowed for dinner)

Use olive oil as dressing (to replace saturated fats)

Do not consume too much alcohol

Eat less than 150g of meat two times in a week

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