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September 23, 2013

Ag Science Instructional Facility

If your animal is currently housed at the ASIF, be sure to pay your pen fee fee asap. Barn agreement forms also need to be turned in to the person in charge of your specie.

All items at the barn should be moved from the lamb and goat pens and stored either in the green barn or in the open cattle area in the barn. Items should all be in enclosed containers, including hay, alfalfa and feed.


If you are interested in showing broilers, be sure to turn in your order form with money to Mrs. Dulock by 8:00 AM September 24th. Checks should be made payable to MHS.


Mrs. White will be making a trip to Corsicana this Wednesday to purchase goats. If you don't have a goat yet, be sure to talk to her about this opportunity.

For people who have their goat in the barn already, make sure your goat eats all of its food while you are there feeding them, if they don’t eat all of their food, throw it away please. Their food should not be in the bowl longer than 15 minutes.


If you have not emailed Mrs. Dulock about your lamb price range, please do so by the end of the day Tuesday. I will be sending out an email to everyone interested in lambs about opportunities to get lambs very soon.


Here’s a quick recap of the rabbit meeting:

    · Rules in McLennan County have changed for Market Rabbits

    o You have the option to breed your own pen or buy a meat pen

    · Validation Date January 5, 2014 from 1-5pm at the Hoffman Party House

    o Once your rabbits are validated they are under your ownership

· Students are limited to 3 meat pens & 3 breeder rabbits

    · Market Rabbits(meat pens)

    o Breed Date October 29, 2013

    o Set of 4 rabbits either Californians or New Zelands

    o Show your most uniform 3 (weight & size)

    o Individual rabbits cannot get over 5lbs, set of 3 together cannot be over 15lbs

    o Market rabbits have the potential to make the sale at the end of the show

    · Breeding Rabbits(rabbits used for breeding purposes)

    o In the Past Most people have shown either New Zelands or Californians (that is what most people will have at county)

    o Your rabbits do not have to be a certain age

    o Make sure your rabbits meet the standards of the breed you choose

    o Buy from a reputable breeder (not a pet store)

    · Healthy Bunnies are Happy Bunnies!

    o Check Ears & Feet

    o Clean Water 2 times a day

    · Contact Lonnie York for cages, carries, feeder, breeder rabbits. 254-829-1088

    · I will be putting in an order for meat pens, please let me know if you would like a pen by next Wednesday.

    o I will let you know the cost (deposit, ect.)

If you have any questions please let me know, like I said I will do my best answer your questions or find answers to any of your questions!

Contact Info

Mrs. Vanessa Dulock - (254)291-1831- vanessa.dulock@midwayisd.org

Mr. Jess Wheeler - (281)389-6364- jess.wheeler@midwayisd.org

Ms. Rebekah White - (817)343-7071- rebekah.white@midwayisd.org

Ms. Beth Zuilhof - (713)562-3757- elizabeth.zuilhof@midwayisd.org