The First Computer

This is the very first computer that was made. As you can see it is GINORMOUS! It is about the size of a modern room today.It weighs 700 lb!

Did you know that a long time ago people used to call very smart people computers? They called them that because they did a lot of things for other people.But then they soon realized that machines (computers) could do the same thing. So sooner or later there came in the monstrous computer. Computers were made to make difficult mathematical problems more possible to solve for humans. The motherboard is the computer's main circuit board.It holds memory, connectors, etc.Konrad Zuse was the inventor of the monstrous computer you see up there.It was made in 1941. He also made the first commercial computer too. That computer can barely even hold a gigabyte! That was such a waste of time to make because you can't even have anything on it! You can't have candy crush on it!!

Technology in the Future

Do you think the technology in the future such as computers, phones, etc will get faster and stronger later on? I think it will because now there are iPhones (6 and 6 plus). When will the iPhones stop enlarging until they can't fit in your pocket anymore?Will it go all the way to iPhone 100?(I hope not) Even though they might get bigger, it would be a good thing because the internet might be faster.



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