February 2-6 COLOR GUARD
ATLEE HS Competition

Objectives this Week:

Students will learn how to Axel Turn; Color Guard Basic Flag Warm Up;

Students will clean routine for indoor competition this week.

  Annoucements:  This week rehearsals Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  Be sure to get your color guard fee in this week.  Coke Cola Fundraiser is due February 12.  Next Deposit for New York City due February 12.

Atlee HS Competition Itinerary

Arrive At BHS 8:45am
Rehearse 9am-10am
Pack-Up 10-10:15am
Load Busses 10:15am Bring a lunch to eat on the bus...
Depart BHS 10:30am
Arrive at Atlee HS 11:30
Body Warm-Up 12:41pm
Equipment Warm-Up 12:53pm
On Deck 1:05pm
Perform 1:12pm
Fold Floor/Roll Flags 1:16-1:25
Load Floor on Bus 1:25pm
Watch Shows: 1:33 - 5:08pm
Awards Ceremony - 5:30pm
Load Busses & Head Home - 6:30pm
Arrive At BHS 7:30pm

Wear your band jacket, black shirt, and blue jeans.  Bring a lunch to eat on the bus and a money for dinner. 

Across the Floor Warm Up