Colonists R us

              One of our many problems with the one, the only (thank god), England is that we are mad at them for," Cutting of our trade with all other parts of the world..." besides England. Which means that we can't sell our goods to any other place like France, Poland, Italy, etc. The law that was passed as you all know was called the navigation acts. The king made this act so we the colonists didn't get the best price for our goods. He also wanted it to benefit him in anyway possible. So when we pay England for our goods, most of the money goes to the king. All the colonists were affected because when then we can't get the best price for our goods and have to sell for a little amount of money when we need the money for our families, food, shelter, and clothes. You know. People aren't as rich as the king and don't have enough money to throw away but the king feels like we need to donate money to the "King foundation". Well he's wrong.

         Another problem out of our many problems with England is that they were "... imposing taxes on us without our Consent" which means that they were taxing us without our permission and we didn't like that. Like James Otis once said,"No taxation without representation!" That means that they can't tax us without us to represent all of the colonists. They taxed us on pretty much everything from any type of paper goods to tea and sugar. Like I mentioned earlier we don't have enough money to be throwing around like we own the world.

Now are we gonna let them push us around? Are we gonna let them take our money? Are we gonna let them give us bologna prices for our goods? I DON'T THINK SO!!!! So these two reasons are great reasons why we should break away from England. But wait there is still one more reason why and here it comes.

Now England's dumb king thinks we are having problems so he sends over more ENEMY soldiers, to come and help solve our "problems". When the real problem is that those cruddy ENEMY soldiers have to live in our houses plus we have to feed them and give them what ever they want. The Townshend acts made this happen. The king is taking advantage of his powers as king. And we had to let them sleep in or house! We had to give them a bed to sleep on even though we barely have enough money for ourselves and with the dumb soldiers, we still have to pay the most stupidest taxes brought to man kind.

I hope you join me in this revelation against England and get our freedom. We deserve rights and the king is taking them away. He is a bully. And bullies don't deserve to control us and have more power than the greater people in the world (us). We need to separate. We need freedom.

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