Herny Hudson

By Xingliu Mei  4-407

His route

Henry Hudson was hired by the Dutch East India Company in 1609 to find the Northwest Passage.Hudson was also hired to sail from Europe to Asia also sailed for England.Hudson was hired by the Moscovey Company to find a route from Europe to Asia called the Northwest Passage in 1607.

Henry Hudson's Famous Discovery

Henry Hudson explored and mapped the Hudson River, Hudson Strait,and Hudson Bay. He died at 1611 in Hudson Bay. Hudson Bay may be the last discovery.There is something named after him the Hudson River ,Hudson Bay and Hudson Strait.

About Henry Hudson

Henry Hudson was great at navigating and sailing.He was born in 1565.When people didn't want to listen to him so they put him on a small boat and send him off to a place with his youngest son .henry died from that day on. Henry Hudson 'grandfather  was also called Henry Hudson. Henry Hudson also had 3 ships called the Halfmoon, the Hopewell, and the Discovery.

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