Wanted- Sika Deer

The Sika Deer is native to Japan, Taiwan, and China. They have been discovered in New Zealand, Denmark, and the United Kingdom. The Sika Deer have made their way to America, invading Texas, Virginia, Oklahoma and Maryland.

During the summer time, its coat is normally reddish-yellowish. They have a dark line running from head to rump, down the center of their body. They have many different white spots, all over. During the winter , the coat begins to become more greyer. Males can turn dark grey to black. Females turn light brown to grey. The white spots become less visible. The bottom of the sika deer the coat is grey or whitish. They also have large, white, heart-shaped patch all across the rump and tail, which has a outline of black. The Sika Deer are also known as Cervus Nippon. They are attracted to Soy Beans and Corn, they love the taste. This is a crime to farmers, theyre stealing food from.

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