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Our Peoples Individual resumes range as follows:


· Banner Consulting, Direct Management, Project Management, Advisory

Consulting, Technical and Functional services from 4-12 years. Multi-product capabilities severing large to small higher education clients.

Banner Consulting Experience:

· Project management, advisory consulting for university systems, multi-year/site projects.

· Project management for multi-product implementations for single site clients.

· Lead consulting and implementation roles for all sizes of projects (by system module)

· Production consulting and on-going support of production systems (all system suites)

Abney, Ramsay & Associates, Inc

SCT/Sungard/Ellucian Experience:

· Former SCT/Sungard/Ellucian consultants

· Former SCT/Sungard/Ellucian senior management

· Former SCT/Sungard/Ellucian clients

Other Related Industry Experience:

· Big Five management and consulting experience

· Competitive ERP product experience (consulting and management)

Higher Education Staff Experience:

· Managerial

· Administrative

· Technical

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