Waltor "Sweetness" Payton

He had good sportsmanship

Waltor Payton was born July 25,1954 in Columbia, Mississppi to Peter and Alyne Payton.

Waltor Payton spent a lot if time outside playing sports with his sister and brother Eddie and Pam Payton.

He went to high school at Jefferson High and Columbia and played football for three years.

He went to Jackson State University in Jackson,Mississipi, then he majored in communication and excelled on the football field as a running back,finished fourth in voting for the Heisman trophy in 1974.

He completed his NCAA career with 3,563 yards and 65 touchdowns.

He was the fourth overall pick in the 1975 NFL entry draft,The Chicago bears selected Waltor Payton.

Waltor Payton finished his rookie season rushing for 679 yards and scoring 7 touchdowns while playing 13 games

Then they named him "Sweetness" for his humility

Walter Payton was named most valuable player in 1977 finished with 1,852yards and 14 rushing touchdowns.

He had many interest that began pursing after his retirement form professional football .

Walter Payton was45 years old when he died on November 1, 1999,at his home South Barrington ,Illinois

He was survived by his Wife,Son, and Daughter Connie,Brittany,Jarrett Payton