Piedmont Region

By: Kamryn Miller and Genesis Terry

The Piedmont region, in Georgia, has the highest population of all the regions. It is home to almost half of Georgia's population, four and a half million people!! Georgia's Piedmont area is also a large plateau, and has many job opportunities.

Job Opportunities In Piedmont!!

There are many job opportunities in the Piedmont area. These jobs include mostly mining and car and airplane manufacturing, but also includes farming and poultry. There is also a lot of tourism in all of the Goergia regions including the Piedmont area. Mining has been important here because of the large amount of granite.

Physical features in Piedmont:

The physical features in Piedmont include: The Chatahoochee River, Savannah River, Stone Mountain, and the Fall Line. The Chatahoochee River is used for hydro electric power and drinking water it also creates part of the western border of Georgia. Stone Mountain supplies Piedmont with its large supplies of granite. The Fall Line supplies Piedmont with tourism and kaolin. The Savannah creates the eastern border of Georgia.

Climate and weather in piedmont

The weather varies in the Piedmont areas, with hot and humid summers and cool winters. This region also has a good amount of precipitation. Snow is also common in the winters, but usually no more than an inch or so. Mountains are also substantially cooler.

Geography in piedmont

The geography in Piedmont.

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