Pastors Ordained in Mexico

In June 2015 at “Iglesia Metodista de Mexico A.R.” (Methodist Church of Mexico) presided by the Bishop, Rev. Fernando Fuentes Amador and the thirteen District Superintendents who serve in the “Conferencia Anual Oriental” (Easter Annual Conference) of the Methodist Church in Mexico. Among the rest of the crowd were Itinerant (elders) and Local pastors, as well as the Lay delegates from each church.

On Friday, June 26, 2015, the ordination service took place in the “Principe de Paz” (Prince of Peace) Methodist Church in San Pedro, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. The families and friends of those who were going to be ordained were ready to witness this act being performed by the Bishop, according to the Discipline of the Methodist Church of Mexico.

Our brothers, Pastors Raul Israel Garcia and Karen Arlene Resendiz, who are currently serving our Lord in the Northwest Texas Conference of the United Methodist Church, answered to all the questions “I will, with God´s help”, committed before God and His Church to continue establishing and expanding God´s Kingdom here on earth.

“We will serve God and His church in the way He shows us, where He shows us, and under the authority of whom He establishes” said Pastor Raul Garcia. “We will continue sharing and contributing to the vision of the NWTX Conference knowing that God is the First and it is the establishment of His Kingdom what moves us forward” added Pastor Karen Resendiz.