English Caribbean Farmer 1650's

Connor McKinnon

The average English Caribbean Farmer was always looking for opportunities to come their way, and almost always took the chance to gain a bigger plot of land. The daily life of each farmer varied greatly based upon their status and position in the farming business. I happen to come from England. I moved to Barbados because of the opportunity to get a bigger plot of land. The demand for sugar has increased, and if I can find a way to keep growing sugar I will be rich in no time! Times were not always this easy though, there were times where I was so sick I felt like I was going to die. I now have a good sized piece of land compared to the land I owned in England. I also met an investor who gave me the opportunity to start this new plot of land . I recentley bought six slaves to help with the work load, and to make more money.  My slaves, just like on many other plantations all recieve their own garden and one day each week they get to sell their crops in the market. Life can get very busy during harvest time, which is why I use my slaves to lighten the workload. The sugar cane is what I am most worried about though. Timing is key during the harvest of the sugar, and if it is not done right 15 months of work will go right out the window. My job is beginning to pick up and my family and I have received more land and more money throughout the process of starting this new life.

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