Scratch: Game Development Mini Project

Screenshot of my final game in Scratch's "see inside" mode.

Allow me to introduce you to "Doughnut Fiesta Galore!"

I created this game in Scratch as a part of the Game Development module to get exposed to introductory coding. This one-player game lets the player act as an especially hungry snail whose objective is to get full fast. Eating doughnuts fill up the Hunger Bar (HB), and consuming bats poisons the snail's stomach (thus depleting the Hunger Bar). Eating each object changes the Hunger Bar at the same rate. One wins the game when the HB reaches a satisfying 150 and loses when it reaches 0, causing the snail to die a slowly painful death.

My planning was revolved around my original Inkscape character, a snail, and logo, an orange bearing the name "munch." I decided to make the game about the snail getting a meal pretty early on and filled in the details as I explored different script, costume, and background options in Scratch.

I faced quite a bit of problems where I became confused about how to code what I wanted the game to do. I had a vision about what the game was about, and I didn't know how to make it a reality (for example: I didn't know the details of creating clones, unfamiliarity with variables, etc). I solved these problems by searching for answers online and seeking out the help of instructors.

This first iteration is quite a simple game where it's extremely easy to win; I want to make it more complex in the future. I can possibly add in an "enemy" sprite to maybe steal food from the snail, or I can make different variations of the doughnuts worth different amounts.

I enjoyed this project! It was fun to create and gave me insight about the general, basic structure of coding behind a lot of games. It made me more interested in the coding behind other, more complex games.