Elvis  Presley

Biography Project for Mrs. Hemry's 8th grade Language Arts class
made by r.b.c

Five unique facts

1. He was in a poor family.

2. He had a lot of moves.

3. He joined the military.

4. Left school in 1953

5. His family's house got flooded a lot.

Family members important to Elvis's life and relationship.

1.  Elvis's mom.

2. His dad.                                                    

3.His brother

4. RCA, the radio

5. church

significant events in history

1. Elvis joined the military.

2.  Elvis was in lots of movies.

3. Elvis has a signature move. (the Elvis wiggle)


1. Got on the radio

2. Joined the military

3. Got in movies

4.Got a good house.

5.Had a very happy life.

significance of Elvis

1. He was a very good singer and guitar player, and started the Elvis wriggle.   


1. Was poor and had little money, in a very small house.

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