Scenario #1

My definition of bullying is......
When someone does something to another individual and makes them feel bad.

If someone did this to me, I would respond by......
Telling an adult

The reason I chose to respond this way is because.......
It’s the safest way

If I ever found out that someone was being bullied I would......
Tell an adult and try to help them

Some of the warning sign behaviors are.......

Skip school, cry, avoiding other people


If me and my friends witness bullying,but do nothing about it, it sends a message to the bully saying that its okay to be mean to people when really its not!

To act socially responsible in the about situation we could tell the victim that it will be okay and that you're going to get help.

If me and my friends choose to stand up for the victim we would show that were in this together.

if you stand up to the bully it shows that the person you're bullying has friends and you should stop bullying people.

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