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*Damp/Humid air


Carrying Capacity

Is the maximum population size of the species that the environment can sustain indefinitely,given the food,habitat,water,and other necessities available in the environment

For example, if a population of cheetahs were to live in an environment that had abundant resources, the population would increase. If a population of cheetahs were to live in an environment with barely any resources for the cheetah to survive the population would decrease.

Limiting Factors

Predator/Prey relationship- Cheetah/Giselles, Frog/Fly

For example, if Giselles were becoming extinct, Cheetahs would have to find a new food source or die.

Energy roles!

      ~Producers-Passion Flower,Orchids

       ~1st consumer-Grasshoppers

        ~2nd consumer-Parrots

         ~3rd consumers- Jaguars

Food webs are more realistic because it shows how many consumers can eat that one organism.

Trophic Levels


               -1 Consumer

                   -2nd Comsumer

                      -3rd Consumers

Co2+H2O------> C6 H12 O6= O2

What is needed??? Carbon Dioxide, Sunlight, water [reactants]

What is produce??? Sugar(glucose), Oxygen, [the products]

Where does it takes place?? Chloroplast, Chlorophyll


           A turning of all or part of an organism to an external stimulus.   

                            Whats kind of tropisms would you find in the rain forest?

                                            -Phototropism- the rain forest has many trees so the plant will have to bend/find a light source.

                                             -HydroTropism-there is a lot of water in the rain forest, and water with radiant energy help plants photosynthesize and make food for themselves.


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l learned that air is abiotic

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I agree with this because, it is correct and you have great pictures to refure to what the Abiotic and Bioctic are!

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looks good so far, but a few things you can improve on are: define limiting factors and all of the energy roles (producers, consumers, etc.), include how energy decreases on your energy pyramid (the 10% rule), and make sure everything stays organized and easy to read.