Internet Safety Rules

Hay my name isaac harp and today I will show you how to be safe on the computer.

brain pop vadio

brain pop Jr.


Rule 1:

Non patch: a no patch computer is a non safe computer.

Rule 2:

Soft protection: buy protective software to keep virus out.

Rule 3:

Strong good words: use letters, numbers, and other characters to make strong passwords. Ps: change your passwords every time to time.

Rule 4:

Call in backup: keep your computer in backup from a month or 2.

Rule 5:

CONTROL!!!!!: never leave your computer in a unsecured place.

Rule 6:

Email safe: ignore emails at ask private input.

Rule 7:

Weak walls: on the internet data can be taken.

Rule 8:

Pro data: reduce theft by use encryption tools in operating system.

Rule 9:

THE WALLS ON FIRE!!!!!!!!!!: fire walls protect your data.

Rule 10:

Importform: stay informed.

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