"Point of Concurrency" Project

Maria Guedilla

Three girls are at the mall. Aurora, Belle and Cinderella all want to talk to this VERY attractive guy, Phillip, that they have all seen. With the secret language all girls know, of not communicating a word, yet knowing what the other means, they all go and stand at different places. The three girls position themselves so that they are an equal distance from Phillip. This way, it would be fair to everyone to get to him first, for they are all an equal distance from him. What point of concurrency would ensure that all three girls are an equal distance from Phillip?


The best point of concurrency that fits my scenario is circumcenter because this P.O.C. would ensure that all the girls are an equal distance away from Phillip. This means that the girls represent the three vertices of a triangle as Phillip represents the circumcenter point.  To find the circumcenter (Phillip), perpendicular bisectors were used to find the point.

The first girl to get to Phillip would get there first, fair and square because they are all an equal distance away from him, it just depends on how long each girl takes to get there. May the odds be ever in your favor, girls.