Digital citizenship

What is a digital citizenship? Alot a people ask this question well I can tell you.

Digital citizenship is only not trying to not be a cyber bully but even more than that you also must be safe online and don't talk to anyone you don't know. When you post things online it can never be erased it is like your fingerprint it can be tracked down, and if you do post something make sure it is appropriate because when you post something everyone can see it. Also if someone is hurting you online don’t erase the e-mail or text show someone and then erase it so you do not have to see it anymore and if you are the one texting a mean text  you are a cyberbully and don’t be a bystander either because that is even worse than a cyberbully if you are a bystander tell a person that you trust. If you are leaving and you do not want anyone looking on your device you can log out or lock your device but make sure you have a password . #wmsdigcit

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