Magna Carta Exploration
By: Sarah-Grace Acker, Summer Ricks, Zach Langley

1. The English Church will have all of its rights and their heirs.

     -U.S. has freedom of religion.

39. No free man can be stripped of his freedom without the accusation of judgement from the law.

     -In America they can't arrest you without any proof.

40.  No person who was a criminal has the right to earn money or purchase from others.

     - In the US today felons cant purchase guns.  

41.  We may trade and others may trade with us freely in our country. Except countries that are at war with us.

     -US today trades with other countries except the ones we are at war with.

42. People have freedom of movement in and out of the country unless you are under legal constraint.

- in the US people have the freedom to go any where they want unless they have a warrant against them.

60. Your actions concern other people in the kingdom.

-in the US illegal actions concern other citizens that witness it

62. Release all of your grudges

US meaning- don't have grudges against political leaders      

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