Rules of Safety

Keep Calm and Be Safe on the Internet

Rules of the Internet

1- Don't give out your passwords, only your parents.

2- Don't buy anything online with out asking you parents first.

3- Do not respond to me or hateful comments.

4- Tell your parents or trusted adult if you come across anything that is inappropriate or makes you unconformable.

4- Ask your parents before posting a picture.

6- Never meet people that you've "met" online first.

7- Talk to your parents about how long you can be on a computer and what sites your aloud to go on.

8- Do not use personal information when creating  screen name.

9- When researching for a project ask a teacher what sites are okay to research.

10- Ask your parents before opening email attachment and downloading software.

   Internet safety rules are important because they keep you safe from hackers and people. Safety rules are important so you don't give out personal information. They keep you safe from any inappropriate sites. Safety rules keep you safe from viruses on your computer.  Safety rules keep you safe from  people. They keep you safe from people because people can figure out where you live just by your name, your bank account, and you phone number. Safety rules are to keep you safe. This is why safety rules are important.