Top 5: What To Do When Ur Bored During The Summer

HEY GUYS!!! I haven't posted a Tackk in so long and I'm sorry! I'm at a point where when it comes to going on Tackk I'm lazy enough to not make a Tackk!!!!?? Like BRUH! SeriouslyπŸ˜’β“β“β“β“

But it's all good we all get lazy once in while, I'm I PREACHIN'? AMENπŸ™

But anyways, for this Tackk I will be starting to make more Top 5 Tackks. So this one is What To Do When Ur Bored During The Summer.

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Let's stop playing and get started!!!

1. Find a new show or series to watch and become obsessed with it. Some shows I suggest are Dance Moms, My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic, Pretty Little Liars,etc.

2. Look up some cool DIYs and try them. Trust me if you put in a formula of patience, determination, and confidence, you will be suprised with the results

3. Make a summer playlist. This can be so easy and fun and you can listen to ur favorite songs all summer!

4. Go ice cream truck hunting with ur siblings and/or friends. It may seem like hard work and effort, but if you find one it will definitely pay off.

5. And lastly, try to learn a new trick or skill like a magic trick or how to knit. That way you can show it to others and have fun with it.

Alright, so that's all for this  Tackk. And instead of having a question of the Tackk, I wanna see if you guys have any song suggestions because I'm kind of getting tired with my fave songs.

But anyways I love you guys, and I will be making more Tackks very very soon.

So keep calm and Go Inginity and Beyond.