The lower class girl

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Characters- Maya Viyapolor, Mrs. Sivup, Saul and Freida.

(maya walks into room)

MRS.SIVUP- hello maya please take a seat, lets have a chat about your pay. You havent reminded me, so i got side tracked. What amount did we agree to give you? Thirty correct?

MAYA- ma'am it was forty

MRS. SIVUP- No was thirty im sure of it. i made a not of it right here.(Sivup looks in book)

MRS.SIVUP- Maya you have been here what 2 months now?

MAYA- 2 months and 5 days

MRS.SIVUP- No maya. 2 months exactly. You have 60 rubles. Maya lets subtract know you dont educate frieda on sundays. What about the 3 holidays you took

(maya looks down)

MRS.SIVUP- Three holidays equals 12 rubles GONE poor little Saul got the flu for 4 days...that means you didn't look after him those days.

MRS.SIVUP- What about those toothache days maya? 3 days my husband gave you off.

MRS.SIVUP-12 and 7 give you 19...correct?

MAYA- yes ma'am thats correct

(maya tears up)

MRS.SIVUP- dear do you remember the day you broke my precious teacup and saucer? That was an heirloom and cannot be replaced.

(Maya speaks under her breath 'you have enough money to buy another one)

MRS.SIVUP- what was that maya?

MAYA- oh i said i just saw a spider on the floor.

MRS.SIVUP- ew!! kill it!

(maya goes and finds the "spider" and kills it.)

MAYA- its dead

MRS.SIVUP-good. now maya since you broke my heirloom thats going to be 2 rubles off. Remember when saul climbed over the fence and ripped his blouse? thats 10 gone.

MRS.SIVUP- oh yeah and teh time freidas diamond studded heels got stolen from that greedy woman? You should have been watching maya.

(mrs.sivup shakes her head)

MAYA- mrs.sivup she snuck up and took them....i was watching saul draw that picture for you.

(maya points to wall)

Mrs.Sivup- picture or no picture maya. i dont care.

Mrs. Sivup-so now you have 14 correct?

Maya- i guess so

(maya looks down)

Mrs. Sivup- you stole 4 rubles on time.

Maya- i only did it once.

Mrs.Sivup-it doesn't matter...3 gone. Thats now 11

Mrs.Sivup- so here you go 11 rubles.

Maya-thank you

Mrs.Sivup-Maya!! come back!

(mrs.sivup stands up)

(maya turns around)

Mrs.Sivup- maya why are you smiling?

Maya-because of the rubles ma'am

Mrs.Sivup- Maya..dont you see? i've cheated you...i did it for a reason. To teach you. Now here is your final pay, the amount you are supposed to have. Thank you have a nice day.

Maya- oh thank you ma'am

Mrs.Sivup- dont let me run over you again.

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