Serafina Harris

  • 1.Which article did you read?
  • 2.A brief summary, what does it say?
  • 3. How is Chemistry involved?
  • 4. Your reaction to the article. Did you learn anything new? Did anything surprise you? What would you like to explore in more detail?


The article that I read for this particular assignment was the "Plastics Go Green" article. This article essentially states that there are changes happening to the plastics that we use to be more environmentally friendly. Chemistry is really involved in this article because of the way that it has to be explained to understand things like carbon gases, and methane. There needs to be chemistry involved in talking about things that are going to be made in 10 years time and what is happening right now because the people who are all figuring these things out are chemists, and they all use formulas and equations that need to be explained, and  has, in the article. For me personally, I'm always happily surprised when I saw that there is in fact another way that people are trying to go green sooner rather then later. So learning about the plastics going green is new for me. I would love to learn about this in more detail, and figure out if there is any way that this actually bio-friendly product would be available to the average public, and if there is anything that I would personally be able to do.



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