Come Explore The Beautiful Belize With Its Myriad Tourist Attractions

From exploration of Mayan civilization to the expansive seas beyond Belize travel packages, is everything that you can expect from your dream vacation. You will like everything about the place right from its unending natural beauty to the relics of the ancient world and most all the local people who welcome you warmly. The vast array of activities is impossible to cover in a single trip so good news is that you can come here as many times as you choose!

Visit the archaeological points

There are innumerable historical structures and relics dotted across the landscape of Belize are clear evidence of civilizations gone by, an ancient culture that still inspires the modern man. Of the many, archaeological expeditions have only uncovered some of the Mayan temples so you will come across pottery pieces and other knickknacks at the sites. Book a local guide to accompany you so that you can understand the significance of the structure and learn in-depth about this much talked about ancient culture.

Keep your binoculars ready for bird watching

Approximately 500+ species of migratory and native birds constitute the avian population of Belize. If you want to spot them, the best points will be at the beaches and Crooked Tree. Taking trips across Hummingbird Highway, zip lining, or the Forest reserve of Cockscomb Basin offers you great opportunities to come across these colorful winged creatures like Toucan. As a part of the Belize vacation package you can ask your guide to take you to the various hotspots to get fascinating views of exotic species.

Lots to do for the adventure lovers

If you love the rush of adrenaline and are a thrill seeker at heart Belize will not disappoint you. Ancient Mayas used to build caves and many of these survive today. So get your exploration gear ready and make the most of fantastic evening opportunities. A range of difficulty extends from the simplest ones to others that will sorely test your mettle and level of physical fitness. Be ready to squeeze through, crawl, slim, rappel, or climb based upon the type of topography you come across. Extensive stalagmite and stalactite constructions are the main feature of these caves with ancient pottery remains and even skeletal structures to keep you company. Besides this, you can also take part in sailing, kayaking, snorkeling, fishing, hiking, scuba diving, and canoeing as a part of outdoor activity options.

Visit the main destinations

The small country of Belize in Central America has numerous destinations that tourists can explore. This includes,

  • Central Coast: this is wild country where you will come across various species of birds and howler monkeys. Altun Ha Mayan temples are must visit in this region.
  • Southern Belize:Belize vacation package also takes you to the southern fringes of the nation, the melting pot of cultures.
  • Northern Islands: exploring the beaches and taking part in the pleasurable activities of scuba diving and snorkeling are the main tourist indulgences.

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