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If you are new to BlackJack, it is important to know some things that might bother him to other players. Many are those things may not have sense and why I think it's important to detail them here:

* If you intend to only watch, then do it at a safe distance from the table. If you are accompanied by avoid constantly whispering you to her companion about the moves. That could disturb the players.

* If you are newbie, or is something undecided, then look for a table empty on that play.

* To change money at the table, simply put the Bills on the table, and the dealer will give you the equivalent in chips.

* To some players resent that you enter to the table in the middle of a mallet. They believe that the "flow of luck", shall be amended then created a bad atmosphere at the table.
If necessary, enter the table, then before you do ask the players if you can do it. I do not usually do this but yes I welcome very warmly.

* Avoid giving opinions about its own move constantly, really annoying saying a person at your side at all times "good", "blackjack!" and things like that, especially when the other players are losing. Do you not, proceed when you win and when you lose.

* If the cards dealt is mouth above the touch!, simply learn the sign or tell the dealer what you want to do. Never touch the cards.

* Avoid drinking at the table, especially if they are thin vessels. Tip It may give you the greatest shame of his life.

* Do not show indecision, and either ask the dealer what to do. Please note that if you bet the minimum it is undecided, there are people who are betting more than you and don't mind losing (to you Yes should care you). They will bother.

* Never say that you know something about blackjack, if wins is simply luck.

* If someone asks for a Council avoid giving it. Evade the subject talking about luck, premonition, or whatever. Remember that if you give an advice explicit and the person loses, then will be your fault.

* The dealer is your friend, and many times will celebrate when you win. Remember that the dealer wins not their money, but the casino. Besides the dealers know that players who won is leave them a tip money.

* Although you have earned lots of money, the gratuity is optional. The card counters never leave gratuity, because the profit margin is not large. Also remember that the casino pays the dealer for doing his job.
However, if the dealer is extremely friendly and fun, and I did well, I usually leave a tip.

* If you want to talk to other players, do it at the end of the hand and before starting the other. Be concise, and not talk about complex issues that require thinking.

* Congratulate your table mates when you get BlackJack, or 21, simply with a smile of approval, or saying "Very well". Even when you have lost.

* The dealer is not a machine, without life. If there is no one more on the table, and the dealer appears to be very tired, talking from time to time (remember that the dealer is working and can make 7 hours in that table dealing cards.) Sometimes is good idea not to mention).

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