My Summer

The Summer of Fishing

My summer started off when I went to Lakefield to go fishing. I caught Rock Bass and Sunfish.

I went for dinner in Bobcaygeon. I walked across the docks and looked at the boats.

My cousins and I were playing cards. I lost a lot and I mean a lot. I also caught fish and my dog went swimming.

There is a small Mouth Bass that I caught in Salmon Lake. That guy beside me is my cousin.

This is the cottage that my family and I were staying at. Here I caught many fish. This was near Pembroke.

Here is a Channlel Catfish that I caught. My Dad is helping me hold it. That is how big it was probably 5 pounds.

This was taken on our way to Golden Lake. It looks kind of like a gateway. that was my vacation.

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3 years ago

Elliott: You've included a lot of great pictures to help us get to know you better. You really love fishing! Let's figure out a time that you can share this with the class or a small group.
When you use TACKK next time, I encourage you to try using headings so you have access to larger and more colourful fonts.
Great job!