Why does the world need good people?

Stacey hernandez

Everybody knows the world isn’t a perfect place. There is bad things that happen because of bad people. But because of the good people out there , we can keep the world balanced. It is very important that people do the right thing and know right from wrong. Even being kind can change the world and make it a better place.

There is allot of murder , abuse , harassment , theft , and even terrorism that happens in our everyday lives. These are not good things and they affect us. Not everyone out there is good and has bad intentions to harm others . It is very important for people to know these things aren’t right. Imagine if there were more bad people then good? There would be allot more crime and deaths , the world would not be safe.

Even being nice and kind is an important thing to do. Imagine if everyone would be nice and kind to strangers, walking down the street and everyone is smiling instead of looking mad and giving dirty looks and killing your vibe. People can give off bad energy and can affect other people, even ruin there day . Who wants to live in a world of unhappy miserable people? Not me.

If we want to make the world a better place , we need to work on ourselves to be better people. Imagine if everyone did the right thing and was kind to people. We would live more happy and safe.

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