The Mayans

The Mayan’s built splendid temples and pyramids and developed a complicated calendar as accurate as any existence in the world at that time. The Maya were farming people who cleared the dense rain forests, developed farming, and centered their culture in city-states. Mayan civilization included much of Central America and Southern Mexico.

Mayan Territory

Mayan History

What were their cities like?

The Mayan cities were unplanned fashion, and some of the temples were  torn down but then rebuilt over the years. Some of the cities were surrounded by moats or different kinds of earth works.

How Did They Dress?

The Mayans usually wore different outfits for different things, they dressed in bright and vibrant clothing. For Public Events: They wore large lavish outfits to represent important positions in society. Protective Armour: Padded Mantle covered in animal skin,shields covered in animal hide or feathers. Everyday Clothing: included lioncloth, short skirts for the men and for women long skirts,the outfits would include any kind of bracelets, necklaces etc.

What Did The Mayan's Eat?

Corn,Black Beans, Squash,Anona,Mamey,Chicozapote,Snakes, Iguana,Deer, Monkey.

What Kind of Gods did the Mayans Believe?

The Mayans believed inn the Sun God(Kinich,Ahau), Mayan moon goddess,god of the weather and crops, rain god(Chaac), lighting god(Bolon,Dzacab).

The Mayans Still Practice Blood Sacrifices?

The mayans sacrificed their blood to the gods that they worshiped. The sacrifices would begin on the first appearance of Planet Venus or to the sun. They would sacrificed the humans for medical and religious reasons. Cattle and Chicken blood instead of human blood.

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