We all have heard about HIV or AIDS, from our parents, conferences at school, friends, etc. We know how to avoid it; we know what it can do to us physically or even mentally. I think the most important part of this illness is unknown to most of us. I am talking about the social issues surrounding this disease. How is it like, in our community, to live with this kind of sickness? Let me tell you something: it's not always easy! Social issues are the key factors in the vulnerability of the transmission of the virus and in increasing its progression. According to me, education and literacy, ethical and legal issues and global issues are what we should pay attention to.

1- Education and literacy

It is known that people with limited education and low rates of literacy tend more to become poor, maybe homeless. Living in a house or even a shelter is crucial for someone affected by the virus because it gives that person the opportunity to follow a treatment that will, hopefully, fight off the illness and consequently reduce the number of new infections. Also, it is a fact that many people living with HIV are unable to meet their basic living needs.

Education and literacy often determines an individual's access to financial support, medical and information resources. Therefore, it will certainly affect how a hilled individual is going to be able to deal with his disease on a daily basis (it may be what draws the line between life and death!).

2- Ethical and legal issues

Here’s a short (but still very surprising) list of issues that discriminates people living with the virus:

  • Immigration
  • Criminalization
  • Confidentiality
  • Employment equities
  • Basically, human right issues

3-Global issues

  • Aids is present internationally
  • We must take action on AIDS as a global issue
  • We should encourage individuals around us to volunteer or spend time working in countries that are very much affected around the world
  • It is doable and fun to create activities to raise awareness of the impact of AIDS globally AND on the prevention methods
  • Let’s try to make treatments accessible in developing countries

My only hope is that, in the future, individuals will be more respectful to those that are affected by this illness and hopefully, with everyone’s help, we can make this world a better place and DESTROY once for all AIDS !


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