Understanding Counselling And Therapy – How The Process Really Works

All of us have had to deal with some or the other format of mental stress or anxiety at some point. You see our lives have a habit of not moving smoothly which usually means that hardships and fear, failures and successes – all these will most definitely be part and parcel of our existence. And there are often times when simply “walking it off” don’t do the trick. These are the times when we need to look deeper into our consciousness and decide what the actual problem is that’s eating us from inside. This is where a professional therapist or a counsellor can prove to be the friend that you need.

When you think of professional counselling, you must first understand that this form of therapy will be something completely different from what you have come to expect from regular doctors. When you go to a doctor with some illness they will consider the symptoms, deliver a technical explanation - often given an impressive sounding Latin name - and prescribe some medicine. They are experts who have studied various forms of human ailments, are experienced and adept at recognising an illness and have the best treatments available to help cure the problem. The entire treatment model here happens to be quite comforting and hassle free indeed. There is a pill for everything and a doctor for all maladies so we don't have to worry.

This is the same way in which most of us look at professional therapists and counsellors as well. We treat them as if they are doctors; experts, who will listen to our psychological symptoms, name them and fix us. We expect them to pop out a pill or a miracle cure that will get rid of whatever it is that is bothering you. But this approach to therapeutic treatment is bound to fail. You see, unlike regular medical science, counsellors believe that the only real expert who knows everything about you is YOU. This is why they follow practices and techniques to help you look deep within yourself and identify the core of the problem that is bothering you on a psychological level. A professional counsellor can be the guide as you discover yourself, help you find the actual source of your troubles and help you reach a better place. But when it comes to bringing about a change in your life, it is something that can be done by only you.

These treatments will also be different from what you are used to listening to from your friends and families. Your loved ones have a way to saying “I know how that feels” just as a measure of reassuring you that things will be OK. But therapy and counselling sessions tend to be different. Your therapist will be trying to understand your experience of the world; not engaging in conversation. They will help you look deeper within yourself and understand who you really are.

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About The Author

Lincoln Scoffield is a celebrated counselor and therapist in Bethesda who also likes to help people get through their everyday confidence issues and anxiety problems. He does so with the help of his services as well as through the many articles and blogs he writes, frequently giving out advice and tips to those who need it. He recommends Caringapproach.com as one of the best counselors.