Steve Jobs: Modern Day Hero

Steven C. and Adrian G.

Steve Jobs

Attributes of Hero

Heroes have a specific goal that they want to complete in their life. They are completely confident in what they do so they never doubted themselves. Heroes are extremely talented.

Steve Jobs

  • Born in 1955
  • Goes to Reed College in 1973
  • Goes to India to help about 3 million blind people and get a college in 1973
  • Got his first job at video game maker Atari in 1974
  • He makes his company Apple Computer Inc. in 1976
  • Starts making the Apple 1 in 1976
  • Makes Apple II in 1978
  • Donates money to India to help build eye hospitals in 1980
  • Gives Apple II with VisiCalc software to Dr. Larry Brilliant to help blind people in 1980
  • Starts the Apple 1980
  • Macintosh is launched in 1984
  • Buys George Lucas's computer division in 1986
  • The original iBook is unveiled in 1999
  • Introduces Mac G4 in 2000
  • Steve Jobs dies at home in 2011

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