The Women in the Snow

I infer the story is about women who care her child and she is not feeling well. She looks sad because her child might sick and she tried to take care of her baby.

"The women struggle down the wet, slippery steps. At the bottom she looked over her shoulder". (258)  I infer that she might needed help from somebody and that's why she looked back at her shoulder.

"Y'all know Auntie is what we call all you old color women" (259) I infer that Grady knew that the women doesn't have money and he doesn't like the women because she is black so,he is being mean to the women.

"Grady dismissed the incident until the next morning, when he read that it had been a record snowfall."(260) I infer that Grady was forget about anything else and keep thinking about the women when he is trying to read the book.

"Ray Hammond, a war hero with two years of college, became the first black driver metro hired." (263) I infer that Ray became hero because he wasn't afraid and he was brave to do things that he could.

"I don't have any money," she said. But if you let me ride, I promise to bring it to you tomorrow. I promise."  (265) I infer that Ray would let her ride because the women really wants to get in the bus, plus if the women had money she would have give it to him so he let her to ride and Ray knew she really need help.

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3 years ago

Salih, you have good quotes here but you also need to write what you infer from this new information.