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As an Australian, The documentary "Supersize me" has definitely opened my eyes to things that where happening in America. Things like how they think about their health and how their schools eat I thought Australian schools weren't the healthiest but after seeing what American schools offer for lunch at their schools it isn't doing any good for the children because they are not getting all the proper nutrition that they should be getting to concentrate and focus in class. The schools in American get food like Pizza, Pasta and Fries made in mass quantities so that they can just heat it up and serve it straight out to the children and they are allowed to get as much food as they want.

I also wasn't aware of how much exercise they get in their schools in primary schools there is an option whether you do or dont want to do sport and even if they do they are only getting one hour of sport a week. This doesnt help the growing problem of obesity because of what the children are getting to eat for lunch they are not being able to work of what they are eating so its just getting stored in their body as fat. In my primary school we used to have sport two times a week plus our lunch and recess breaks and some extra time if we had gotten all of our work done

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