Jamestown Settlement

Jamestown Settlement

Today we will be teaching you about the Jamestown Settlement. The Jamestown Settlement is a very interesting place.

Where was the colony located?

Jamestown, Virginia

Jamestown is located in Virginia. It is in present day Virginia. The settlement now is called Jamestown, Virginia.

Who Started the colony?

In What year?

The Virginia Company

The Virginia Company sponsored the journey from England to Jamestown to start the colony.

This is John Smith in the movie Pochahontas.

This is the fictional character from Pochahontas. John Smith was the leader of the colony and he started the colony with the approval of King James the 1st of England. The colony was started in 1607.

What was the voyage to the colony like?

Jamestown Ships

These are the ships that the people sailed on to get to the colony. The voyage was very crowded because there was 214 people.

Why did the settlers come?

The settlers came because they got approval from King James the first and they needed more land. They also needed more money.

Why did they choose this land?

Jamestown River

They chose this land because it had a river and it was good for growing crops. They could use the river to get food. They thought they would find gold but they didn't.

What did the land look like when they arrived?

The land had lots of woods, grass, and a river. Many natives lived there.

What problems occured when settling in the new land?

Harsh Winter

They got attacked by the algonquins and there was a bad winter in 1609. If you didn't work you didn't eat.

How did they interact with the natives?


They interacted with Chief Powhatan and his  group well. They traded with him. Got attacked by the algonquins.

Interesting Facts


Pocahontas married John Rolfe the future leader of the colony. They grew tobacco which was a lot of money back then. The movie Pocahontas was based on the Jamestown Settlement.

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