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Venice is located in the northeastern upper portion of Italy. It is really 117 islands all connected by 409 bridges. This required boats to travel around. Luxury goods included ornate glass-working, which is skillfully made, elaborate, and colorful, seafood, textiles, grain, salt, wine, art, and spices. Venice's economy relied on hard-working fishermen to haul in their catches, which were then transported to nearby cities (if they were fresh fish) or far away places (if the fish was dried or smoked to preserve it). Venice used gold and silver for their currency. They developed insurance and patent protection for their companies and finance methods to advance their trade and importance in their empire (Byzantine Empire), as well as banking systems that we still use today. They gained large scale profit from the nearby middle European markets. Venice was a consumer center that played a rather meaningless role, though their economy and trade flourished and Venice became well known for it.

Fun (sort of) Fact: The original population of Venice consisted of refugees from Roman cities near Venice.

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