Severe Thunder Storms.

Severe Thunder Storms are made when moisture,unstoppable winds,lifting winds. The moisture is for when the storm is raining and also for the cloud. Unstoppable winds cause the storm to push through the sky and to forum a tornado. Lifting winds allow the storm too travel and to keep from turning into fog.

How a storm is made.

What Can You Find In A Severe Thunder Storm?

Thunder Storms can contain tornado,lightning,heavy precipitation(heavy rain).


Precipitation(rain,sleet,hail)can be found in almost every severe thunder storm. In a thunder storm you are going to find more rain then any other types of precipitation.


Clouds in a thunder storm are usually in a forum of a cumulonimbus(white fluffy clouds). Clouds are usually the source of the lightning and the rain.

Pressure Systems

Pressure systems(warm or cold) in a thunder storm have to always be low(low means cloudy and high means sunny). Because in a thunder storm can its always cloudy so there would have to be low pressures.

Wind Speeds!

The wind speed of a severe thunderstorm is 57.5 mph to 300 mph!

Historical examples

Fort Worth Texas May 5, 1955. And West Central Texas October 22, 1996 were very tragic thunder storms. I have statics for these two events.

                                                      Fort Worth     West Central                                                                          Injuries                103                  242                                                                                Deaths              0                      3                                                                          Property Damage       $2 billion        $4 billion


Weather map on what Fort Worth was getting that day

Ways We Can Prepare

Ways that we have updated for severe thunder storms. One way is that from 1995 they didn't have forecasts. They just had to try to get to shelter and save themselves. And weather radios, they tell us what to prepare for. Houses have been updated t were we can live safe to some consents.


Weather And Resources Book(Fusion)


Some Other Fun Pictures

Woah Look At That Storm!

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